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By Moody & Knoth, P.C.

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April 20, 2020

In this unprecedented time of uncertainty, Moody & Knoth, P.C., as an essential business by definition of Governor Baker’s order – as a firm providing settlement services to the financial industry, is employing prudent methods of sanitization, social distancing, and remote (contact free or contact limited) closings to allow real estate transactions to go forward.

Our Plymouth office conference room (table, chairs, railings and woodwork) is sanitized with disinfecting wipes before and after each closing. We provide new (sanitary wiped) disposable pens and practice social distancing at the table. We also offer “no contact” automobile closings at the borrower’s request – where the borrower will remain in their automobile parked outside our office and one of our attorneys (with mask and gloves) will deliver the document package for execution within the automobile. With historically low interest rates and circumstances of great financial uncertainty Moody & Knoth, P.C. is available to allow borrowers to take advantage of these interest rates by adjusting to the times and continuing to close transactions.

With many Massachusetts Registries of Deeds closed to the public Moody & Knoth, P.C.’s access to state of the art e-recording systems throughout the Commonwealth is allowing real estate transactions (both refinances and purchases) to go forward despite the challenges presented by the Coronavirus pandemic. Together with new laws relaxing some statutory requirements for closings (smoke and carbon monoxide detector certificates issued by town fire departments are now continued during the pandemic if certain representations and responsibilities are undertaken) the efforts of Moody & Knoth, P. C. are allowing transactions to go forward and keep the economy churning.

There is currently a bill before Governor Baker that would authorize “e-notarization” of documents which would be paramount in moving towards “paper-less” or exclusively digital closings. In theory the passing of such legislature would be a step in the direction of utilizing digital technology (zoom, facetime) in conducting “virtual” closings thereby eliminating the physical presence of the parties. Moody & Knoth, P.C. has the technology platform in place to accommodate virtual closings and will stay timely informed of any developments in this regard to be prepared when the time arrives.

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