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As Massachusetts Land Court Litigation Attorneys, Moody & Knoth, P.C. regularly practices before the Massachusetts Land Court handling many forms of action exclusive to the Land Court including: Actions to Try Title, Actions to Quiet Title, Actions to Reform Deeds, Boundary Disputes, Easement and Rights of Way disputes, determination of zoning applications, zoning and/or permitting appeals, and S-Petitions. Moody & Knoth, P.C. has handled title insurance claims for several national title insurance companies over many years providing our office with extensive experience and familiarity as Massachusetts Land Court Litigation Attorneys.

Put our office’s experience to work on your behalf. If you have a Land Court matter concerning your property contact Massachusetts Land Court Litigation Attorneys Moody & Knoth, P.C. today.

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Moody & Knoth, P.C. handles all varieties of real estate related disputes, including:

Real Estate Litigation

Our office can also handle all your (Superior Court and/or District Court) real estate litigation needs including specific performance claims, contract (purchase and sale/offer) disputes, contractor (new construction or renovation) disputes, consumer protection (Chapter 93A) actions, landlord-tenant actions and any other type of real estate related disputes.

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Mechanics Liens

Contractors and sub-contractors use Moody & Knoth, P.C. to navigate Massachusetts General Law Chapter 254 (Mechanics Lien statute) when protecting their interests in a situation where materials and/or labor was provided and payment has not been made. Moody & Knoth, P.C. will draft and record the required Notice of Contract and Statement of Account to protect a Contractor’s rights. The Mechanics Lien statute requires a lawsuit (complaint) be filed within a prescribed time after the recording of the Notice of Contract. Moody & Knoth, P.C. has the expertise necessary to navigate the strict requirements of the statute and assist in procuring payment due.

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Eminent Domain

In the event your property (whether commercial, residential, developed or vacant) is the subject of a Chapter 79 eminent domain taking, Moody & Knoth, P.C. can represent your interests to maximize your compensation for such a taking. Moody & Knoth, P.C. will require the taking authority compensate for the “best use” of the property and maximize the true “market value” you are entitled to.

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Are You In Need of an Experienced Commercial Real Estate Attorney?

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